The Mayors’ Campaign 2017

AMICAALL Uganda has for a long time been associated with the struggle against HIV/AIDS. In order to serve the urban communities with better HIV/AIDS services, AMICAALL Uganda has furthered its reach to the fields of WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), SRH (Sexual Reproductive Health) and NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases), as stated in its Strategic Plan. Additionally, one of the key strategies for realizing its advocacy goals has been the annual Mayors’ Campaigns.

This year’s (2017) Mayors’ Campaign code named as “MAYORS’ CAMPAIGN ON FAST-TRACKING HIV/AIDS AND SANITATION IMPROVEMENT IN URBAN AREAS” is a 3-month long drive aimed at accelerating access to health services by the urban communities in Uganda.

In this campaign, the urban leaders will be engaged at the regional level (Central, Northern, Western, Eastern and Karamoja) in planning, mobilizing and sensitizing the urban communities. The actual service delivery will be implemented at each urban authority level by urban leadership and their partners.

Furthermore, this year’s campaign is unique because it commemorates 20 years since the founding of the Alliance in Africa in response to the need to address high HIV prevalence in urban areas. A number of activities (like HIV/AIDS services, Sanitation improvement services, dissemination of key documents) will be conducted as a build up to celebrate AMICAALL’s 20 years of existence at the International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Africa (ICASA) conference in December 2017.

The campaign will run from May to August 2017 under the theme of “Ending Epidemics-delivering differently” with a slogan of leaders putting in more effort “One More Time” to make urban communities healthier. It will incorporate all urban authorities, Partners (Implementing Partners, Private Sector, CSOs and FBOs), Media, Academia and the entire community.

Quick Facts

1) The Mayors’ campaign will focus on:
– The roll out of the sanitation campaign which was launched at the 5th Urban Leaders Forum in 2016
– Fast tracking the 90-90-90 targets
– Dissemination of AMICAALL Uganda’s Revised Strategic Plan.
– Celebrating AMICAALLs 20 years of existence at the ICASA conference
2) AMICAALL is moving into new areas like WASH, NCDs and SRH
3) Campaigns to be held between May to August 2017
4) AMICAALL was founded at an ICASA conference in 1997 and 2017 marks 20 years of its existence

For inquiries and clarification please contact the Regional Mayors
– Western Coordinator, H.W Sentaro Byamugisha Mayor of Kabale MC,0772 635 528;
– Northern Coordinator, H.W Benson Okumu Mayor Pakwach TC, 0772 903 005;
– Karamoja coordinator, H.W Noah Ewaru Mayor, Moroto MC, 0775 897 086;
– Central coordinator H.W Regina Bakitte Mayor Nansana MC, 0752 655 178;
– Eastern Coordinator H.W Stephen Wante Mayor Bugembe TC, 0704 657 635

Or the following Secretariat Staff

Ms. Resty Nabwire: 0772884321,
Mr. Martin Wanda: 0772418341,
Mr. Titus Twesige: 0772 525487.

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